Matcha White Chocolate Green Smoothie

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So for the past week my life has been overtaken by work: early morning meetings, late night writing, falling into bed exhausted at the end each day…  All that to say, keeping on top of the basics has been tough, let alone this blog. 

But today I’m sharing with you an extra special and delicious green smoothie that was inspired by a spectacular creamy dessert in Fran Costigan‘s Vegan Chocolate book (seriously people, this cook book is simply amazing). The smoothie is packed with antioxidants from the matcha lorazepam online green tea and you can make one of two ways: with vegan white chocolate chips or with coconut butter. You can make coconut butter fairly easily by putting a cup or so of shredded coconut to your food processor and processing until it forms a smooth, creamy paste. Or, you could always buy some white chocolate chips on Amazon

White Chocolate Matcha Green Smoothie

So delicious!

I love to top this smoothie with pomegranate arils: a lovely jeweled topping for such a decadently rich smoothie! 

Matcha White Chocolate Green Smoothie
Serves 2
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Total Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 3 cups spinach
  2. 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  3. 1 tbsp white chocolate chips or coconut butter
  4. 1 tsp matcha green tea powder
  5. 2 bananas, chopped and frozen
  6. 1 cup almond or other non-dairy milk
  7. Small pinch of salt
  8. Stevia, to taste (optional)
  9. 1 tbsp pomegranate arils (optional)
  1. Add all ingredients, except pomegranate, to a blender and blend on high until smooth.
  2. Pour into two glasses and sprinkle pomegranate arils on top.
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