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When your birth doesn’t go to plan…

Posted by on May 7, 2016 in Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting | 3 comments

Me and Misha

It has taken me almost eight months to write this. But the other day as I was driving, I realized that the trauma that marked my beautiful son’s birth is still far too raw. And so on my first mother’s day, I feel compelled to tell our story. 

I had the perfect pregnancy. I thought I would have the perfect natural birth as well. There was really no reason I shouldn’t have: apart from my “advanced maternal age,” I was fit and healthy. And I was doing everything I could to prepare myself for it: regular exercise, perineal massage, kegels, and towards the end I was taking my evening primrose oil and drinking my raspberry leaf tea. Ken and I took an awesome childbirth class that provided us with an arsenal of methods for natural pain relief. I had my birth ball, massage equipment, yoga mat and music ready to go, along with my very elaborate birth plan that specified that I wanted a water birth with no pain relief… I was so idealistic, so naive. I had such a romanticized notion of what my son’s birth should be like. In the end, it was everything I hoped it would not be.  

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