Warsaw, Poland Restaurant Review: Marrakesh Café

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After so enjoying my meal at Tel-Aviv Café and Deli, I knew I had to check out Marrakesh Café, it’s sister restaurant, as well.  Marrakesh has a more extensive menu, with additions such as a Moroccan tagine and eggplant moussaka, sandwiches and an all-day buffet. Their set of mezze, or kemia (they use the Moroccan word), also has more variety. Their space is bigger too, but just as funky and very comfortable. 



The staff speak do English, though the waitress who served me did so staltingly and I don’t think she understood what I was saying much of the time! They have an English menu. 

I really wanted to try the moussaka, but I was out of luck that day.  So instead I decided to get the Marrakesh kemia set so I could try a little of a lot of things! Had I realized the buffet was available, I probably would have tried that instead so I could have sampled the dolma and the kolfi. But, that said, the kemia was more than satisfying.

The Marrakesh Set

The Marrakesh Set

The Marrakesh set came with twelve appetizers and two pieces of bread. Of course, I asked for the gluten free, and it was so great. Nice, hot and not at all dry or dense. 

Delicious gluten-free bread

Delicious gluten-free bread

I’m a massive fan of the soy shwarma and it was just as good here as it was at Tel-Aviv.  That is an absolute must. I thought the hummus was better at Tel-Aviv, there was a bit too much tahini in this one and it dominated above all else. The harissa sauce was again fantastic. I love that it starts out tasting like sweet red peppers, only to have the full impact of the chilies hit five seconds later! It definitely set my mouth on fire in a very, very good way. 

Ras tapenade, falafel, soy shwarma

Ras el hanout chutney, tapenade, falafel, hummus, chermoula sauce, soy shwarma

I really liked the red lentil paste, which is made with lentils, onion, coconut, and curry.  The curry flavor dominates here, but it’s very tasty indeed. The green pea paste with roasted sesame and parsley was surprisingly sweet. The Ras El Hanout chutney was one of my favorites, made with pineapple, apple and spices.  It had nice big chunks of ginger in it, along with turmeric. It was delicious, a lovely counterbalance to the more spicy dishes. I also the caramelized onions with raisins, cinnamon and I think cloves. Delicious! The tapenade, made with olives, mustard seeds, capers & garlic, was perfect, nice and salty and deeply flavorful. Yum! The chermoula sauce was also great.


Red lentil paste, baba ganoush, green pea paste, harissa, tahini sauce, caramelized onions

I’m not the biggest fan of tahini sauce, it has to be just so for me to like it.  When I mixed it with the harissa I liked it very much, but alone… meh. The Baba Ganouch was good, but not great. It started out tasting like the sweet eggplant that is its main ingredient, but it had a strong tahini aftertaste. But, it was nice and light and not too heavy, which for me was a definite plus. The falafel was also good, but not great. A bit too dry for my liking.

I didn’t eat it all, it was far too much. But I ate until I was completely and totally satisfied and I did polish off a few of the dishes.

To drink I ordered a big pot of mint tea.  This time the waitress told me it was huge, and I knew what to expect. It was perfect for sipping on throughout my meal.

After I was leaving and headed out the door, the cake stand caught my eye.  There was a particularly delicious-looking carrot cake, and I so I decided to grab a piece for later.  I ended up having it for breakfast the next day (why not?)  As the waiter was cutting the slice I noticed he was having a bit of trouble. As it turns out, that cake was rock hard.  It was extremely dense and overcooked, resulting in a hard, dry cake.  I could tell it would have been delicious otherwise, and the glaze that topped it was really good.

Carrot cake… disappointing.

Carrot cake… disappointing.

Marrakesh is a bit further afield than Tel-Aviv.  I’m glad I made the trek, but I’m not sure that it was so different from Tel-Aviv that it was worth it.  Maybe if they had that moussaka…

If you’re in the area though, don’t skip it. Go!

Location: al. Jerozolimskie 123A, 02-017 Warsaw, Poland
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-10pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-10pm


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