Washington, DC Restaurant Review: Founding Farmers

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When I was in DC for work recently, my colleague suggested we go to Founding Farmers for dinner. I took a quick look at the menu online, and saw that they had a a few vegan options. Plus, I loved that they were committed to local, organic farm-to-table food (even if it isn’t entirely vegan or vegetarian). 

When we arrived, the place was buzzing with energy and people. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, but as soon as we were seated we were well attended.  While their vegan and vegetarian options are listed on the main menu, they do have a separate “meatless” menu that clearly lays out all of the vegetarian and vegan options, along with the seasonal sides. The selection of vegan dishes is not huge, but there are a few to choose from and the wait staff told me they would be willing to veganize others. Nothing is specifically marked gluten-free on the menu, but the kitchen and wait staff are knowledgeable about how to cater for different diets and the waiter was able to tell me right buy klonopin 2mg away which of the vegan options were also gluten free. I was really happy to learn that the vegan “meatloaf” was! 

We ordered some “Johnny’s nuts” to start the meal – peanuts with raisins and a bbq seasoning. They were delicious! The serving size was huge and we didn’t finish them, so I packed them up and took them with me to snack on on the way back to NY on the train the next day.

Vegan Gluten-Free Meatloaf

Vegan Gluten-Free Meatloaf and Johnny’s Nuts

The “meatloaf” is made of lentils, white beans, carrots and other veggies and lots of herbs and spices. It was really perfectly seasoned. It came topped with a wild mushroom gravy that was so earthy and delicious, along with mashed potatoes (can’t go wrong there), a tomato purée and some of the most delicious broccolini I have ever had. The serving size was massive and I ate almost all of it.

While the vegan options are limited, the food is just outstanding. If you’re dining out with omni friends, I would highly recommend it!

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