Addis Ababa Restaurant Review: Dashen Traditional Restaurant

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I was in Addis Ababa recently for work and while the early mornings and late nights meant that I didn’t get out that much, I did manage to make it to a few places that I’ll be posting reviews of over the next week.  

My third night in Addis Ababa marked the beginning of the Ethiopian Orthodox festival Meskel, which is supposed to mark the finding of the “true cross” in the 4th century by St. Helena.  The festivities start with bonfires, street processions and dancing.  It was quite a sight! For dinner that evening, we decided to go to Dashen Traditional Restaurant, because we wanted some good Ethiopian food in a relaxing and low-key environment.  The restaurant is on a small street just of Taitu Street, one of Addis’s main thoroughfares.

As we entered the gates into the restaurant, it felt like we were being transported away from Addis’s busy, noisy streets into a quite garden oasis.  Lights in paper bags decorated stairs, while fairy lights hung from the canopy above. You can choose to sit indoors or out, and despite the crispness of the evening, we decided to sit outdoors by an open fire. It was dark, but warm and inviting. 

Fasting Wot Selection

Fasting Wot Selection

For dinner of course I decided to try the assorted fasting selection, with mild yellow lentils (shiro alitcha wot); spicy red lentils (misir wot); chickpea cakes (shimbra asa); collard greans (gomen); potatoes, cabbage and carrots (atkilt wot); green beans and carrots (fasolia); chickpea dip (buticha); and a few other dishes.  The food was delicious. The misir wot and shimbra asa wot were very spicy; the shiro alitcha the perfect mild counterbalance; the vegetables sweet; and the collards, just yum.  They offered both the regular light brown injera, as well as the darker injera made with whole-grain teff. My only complaint was that the food wasn’t quite as hot as I would have liked it; but other than that it was great!

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. 

Location: City Centre, Off Taitu Street
Hours: Open for lunch and dinner



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