Sea Bakin’ Seaweed Snacks Review

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When Sea of Change Trading Co. contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in trying some of their seaweed snacks, I instantly said yes. I like sea vegetables and there are very good reasons why I should be incorporating more of them into my diet. They are great sources of bioavailable iron and iodine and I’m trying to increase my intake of both at the moment. Plus, they have good amounts of vitamin C, which increases iron absorption. They are also a good source of antioxidants and they could even have antiviral properties. So yeah, bring on the nori! 

Sea Bakin' Snacks!

Sea Bakin’ Snacks!

Sea of Change sent me three varieties of Sea Bakin’ to try: Maple, Thai BBQ and Garden Vegetable.  All of them boasted an addictive mix of of sweet and savory ingredients that had intrigued.  

Thai BBQ Sea Bakin'

Thai BBQ Sea Bakin’

I first tried the Thai BBQ.  Now Sea Bakin’ may not look that pretty, but oh my! When I put the first piece in my mouth I was blown away.  The intensity of the flavor combined with the satisfying crunch of the Nori was totally addictive. My partner and I scoffed down the whole bag in one sitting.  Seriously, we just couldn’t stop ourselves. 

Maple Sea Bakin' - Oh so good!

Maple Sea Bakin’ – Oh so good!

To be honest, I was a little afraid to try the maple at first… I mean, maple-flavored nori? It just seemed so wrong. But the folks at Sea of Change Trading Co. actually make it so, so very right.  The combination of sweet and savory was just perfect.  And again, after eating one, it was hard to stop.  In fact, this, perhaps more than any other, left me wanting more. 

Garden Vegetable Sea Bakin'

Garden Vegetable Sea Bakin’

The Garden Vegetable was also really, really good.  The garlic, onion and tomato flavors really came alive in my mouth, aided by that delicious splash of maple syrup. 

They also sent me two trail mixes to try: their Bangkok Bar Mix and Clifftop Trail Mix. Unfortunately, I just recently learned I have some really annoying nut allergies that meant I couldn’t partake. But I asked my partner to taste them for me and tell me what he thought.  

Clifftop Trail Mix

Clifftop Trail Mix

He adored the Clifftop trail mix. He loved the combination of salty nori, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, alongside sweet chocolate and currants. And he said the nori added something totally special to the combo. His only suggestion: more nori!!!! 

Bangkok Bar Mix

Bangkok Bar Mix

He also really liked the Bangkok Bar mix, which combines peanuts, cashews, coconut and nori along with a variety of spices. I’ve a feeling that this is the one that would have gotten my vote! Baked coconut and nori together – yes please! 

So in a few words: the Sea Bakin’ is simply amazing. Flavorful, satisfying and totally healthful goodness.  Forget potato chips, this is just the thing you’ll need next time your craving something salty and crunchy! 

You can order Sea Bakin’ and the trail mixes on Amazon or the Sea of Change Trading Co. website

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