The Beyond Meat Beast Burger, with the works!

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When I first heard that Beyond Meat was planning to release a vegan, gluten-free “beefy” burger last summer called the Beast Burger, I was instantly excited. I love burgers. I really do. But let’s be honest. There are few vegan burgers that really satisfy. There are few vegan burgers that you can really sink your teeth into. And there are even fewer vegan burgers that can stand up to the works. And while some seitan-based burgers may get partially there, for me they are out of the question because of the gluten. 

Now, “The works?” you may very well ask. Yes. The works. At every local fish and chip shop in Australia you can get a burger with the works. And in its original, non-vegan form, it is loaded with cholesterol-building, vein clogging ingredients: a beef burger, cheese, egg, bacon. And then of course the veggies that go no way toward mitigating all of that bad stuff: lettuce, tomato, pineapple, beetroot, grilled onion, and maybe, if you’re lucky, avocado. They are terrible in every sense of the word. But I have to admit, I used to love them. And I’ve been craving a vegan version of them lately. Most vegan burgers just can’t handle veganized versions of the works. The burgers fall apart or are dominated by the array of other flavors. My hope for the beast burger was that it could. 

I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t been dreaming of this moment for the past six, maybe seven months.  When I heard yesterday from The Food Duo that they found Beast Burgers at Whole Foods in Chelsea, close to where I work, I made a beeline there after work to pick them up.  The torture was that I needed to wait a WHOLE day before trying them out so I could get some gluten-free buns and other ingredients to go with them. 

The Beast Burger

The Beast Burger

When I opened the burgers I was pleasantly surprised to see how huge they are. They are a 1/4-lb of pure plant protein.  And they look substantial. Pretty amazing stuff. This experiment was definitely looking promising.

I quickly set about sautéing my onions and pineapple; pressing my tofu, seasoning it with black salt and grilling it; quick marinating my tempeh to make tempeh bacon and grilling that; slicing my avo, tomato and romaine; toasting my buns; and getting my beetroot, vegan cheese and ketchup ready. Last, but not least, I put those big old beast burgers on to cook. 

Just starting to sizzle...

Just starting to sizzle…

Now, there’s really no question about the best way to assemble a burger with the works. On the bottom goes the avo, then the burger, ketchup, cheese, tofu “egg,” tempeh bacon, lettuce, pineapple, beetroot, tomato and grilled onion on top. Finally, I was ready to sink my teeth into this colossal creation. 

The vegan works!

The vegan works!


It was everything thing I had dreamed about and then some! The burger was juicy. It required chewing. It was incredibly tasty (though there was a moment I thought, like most Beyond Meat products, that it tasted a little bit too beefy). It was just the perfect thing for my vegan version of the works. Yum, yum and yum! 

There are no words..

There are no words..

After I finished I felt that old familiar feeling of gluttonous contentment. Yes, this is a burger that truly satisfies. Thank you, Beyond Meat, for fulfilling yet another vegan dream. 

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  1. Awesome! Lucky you for getting to try these! I’m glad to hear they were good. I hope I can get my hands on them soon enough 😉

  2. oh Shannon that sounds soooooo yummy! Seriously missing vegan burgers and your write up is pure torturous heaven!!

    Never heard of the works before, but now I’m gonna have try try it one day! Would adding sautéed garlic mushrooms and some vegan mayo be allowed? You know I’ve never even tried tofu on a burger like that? What a good idea!!

    When you coming to Cambodia with a suitcase full of the Beast Burger and the works Shannon?!

    Hopefully soon 😉

    • Sooooo yummy!

      Mushrooms and mayo? oh yes! They can definitely be added to the list! : )

  3. That look SO amazing! I need to get my hands on some beast burgers when I’m in Austin later this year.

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