Creamy Tropical Jackfruit Green Smoothie

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When I was in Thailand I tried sweet jackfruit for the first time and loved it. It’s hard to define what it tastes like, but was at once creamy and sweet.  Of course I have used green jackfruit in brine before, but never ripe jackfruit.  Luckily I had a couple of cans of jackfruit in syrup sitting in my cupboard and so when I couldn’t sleep last night and was thinking about food I decided I should try to use them in a smoothie.  I combined the jackfruit with fresh almond milk, papaya, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds and the results were spectacular and ridiculously creamy! Even my partner, who is never too expressive when it comes to food, said it was really good! 

Creamy Tropical Jackfruit Smoothie
Serves 2
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Total Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 can of jackfruit in syrup
  2. 1 cup papaya, frozen
  3. 1 cup almond milk
  4. 2 cups baby spinach, fresh
  5. 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  6. 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
  7. Stevia, or other sweetener, to taste (optional)
  8. 1 cup ice
  1. Open the can of jackfruit, drain out the syrup (or you could reserve it for another purpose). Rinse the jackfruit thoroughly and place in blender.
  2. Place all other ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.
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