Around the World in 20 Recipes (or Vegan MoFo is here)!

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Tomorrow marks the start of that time of year that vegan bloggers both dread and love: the Vegan Month of Food! This year, I have accepted the challenge to post at least 20 times during the month of September. And to make this month just a little bit special, I’ve decided to take you, dear friends, on a culinary tour of the world!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel pretty extensively over the last 14 years. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe and many places in between, I’ve eaten vegan in all of them. Sometimes it has been a struggle, sometimes it has been delightful, and sometimes extremely surprising. But I’ve got a lot of memories to cherish and I’m deeply grateful I have been able to see so much of the world. 

Countries I have visited...

Countries I have visited…

Over the course of the next 30 days I will post recipes that have been inspired by at least 20 of the countries I have travelled to. We’ll spend a week in Asia and the Pacific, move west to Africa, head north to Europe and east to Central Asia, and then end in the Americas and Caribbean. I’ll share photos I have taken from most of the countries we visit (for some reason or other, there are a few I didn’t capture)… 

I’ll do my best to bring you a set of recipes that are not your usual go-to ethnic fare. Each recipe will be inspired by the country’s cuisine and use typical ingredients, herbs and spices, but they will all have my own unique imprint. And of course, every single one will be vegan and gluten free! 

Are you ready? (Deep breath…) I am! 

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