The Seed Experience 2014!

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Today was a really great day. Why? Because it was the first day of this year’s Seed Experience in New York City, a celebration of all things vegan!  With great speakers, vegan causes, vegan products and of course lots of vegan food and drink, this truly is a must-attend event. There was so much to see and do and taste, it’s impossible to comprehensively review. So instead, I’m going to highlight my absolute favorite products and the things that made it home with me. 

Best Vegan Ice Cream: DF Mavens

Best ice cream ever!

Best ice cream ever!

There’s really no competition; no other vegan ice cream today came close. Today I tried the key lime creme and salted caramel pecan. They were both spectacular. DF Mavens ice creams are the creamiest of the creamy. The key lime creme was sweet and tart with cookie dough pieces! Swoon! The salted caramel pecan, oh my! I could have eaten the entire tub. I can’t wait until DF Mavens opens their storefront in the East Village this fall! 

Best Vegan Chocolate: Nicobella


Pure chocolate heaven!

I think the earth may have shaken when I tasted the Nicobella truffles. They certainly rocked my world! Creamy, smooth, rich and oh-so-decadent, these truffles are to live for. I loved the creative flavors, like ginger green tea and lime basil. And they are oh-so-pretty. I was originally going to buy just box of assorted truffles along with the peanut butter squares. But then when I thought about having to share them with my partner I decided I had better buy him his own.

Best Chips: Beanfields’ Bean and Rice Chips

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

These! Beanfields’ bean and rice chips were seriously good and definitely the best chips at the show. The intense cheesy, spicy flavor of the nacho chips won me over, but the ranch and barbecue were also awesome. 

Best Vegan, Gluten-free Cake: The Love Kitchen and Flourish

Margarita Mini Cupcake

The Love Kitchen: Margarita Mini Cupcake

Carrot Cake

Flourish: Carrot Cake

Okay, this is a tie, because I really could not decide which was better. They were both amazing.

Everything I have tried from the Love Kitchen is phenomenal, but cakes really are Kris Manzur’s specialty.  This mini cupcake was moist and citrusy, the frosting sweet, creamy and fluffy! Yum, yum and yum! 

I shared the carrot cake from Flourish Baking Company with my partner this evening and it was love at first bite, for both of us.  The cake was intensely flavorful, loaded with carrots, cinnamon and raisins, and incredibly moist. And if you’ve had bad gluten-free cakes, you know how important moisture is! The frosting in the center had melted a little by the time I got it home (it was hot out today!), but it was still delicious.  

Best New Drink: Maple Water

Who knew this was a thing?

Who knew this was a thing?

There were no shortage of new drinks on offer at The Seed, but this Happy Tree Maple Water was tops! It’s the pure maple sap that flows from maple trees in the spring, which, when reduced becomes maple syrup. It had a distinct maple flavor, but was light and refreshing and not too sweet.  And it’s low calorie and packed with anti-oxidants and b vitamins. This is something I’ll definitely buy.  

An interesting contender in this category was the Arty Artichoke Water. It was surprisingly good! But if I’m honest, it’s probably not something I’m going to seek out. 

Best new to NY product: Love Bean Superfood Fudge Spread

SE Love Bean

Chocolate! Fudge! Spread!

I don’t even know what I can say to convey the loveliness of this Love Bean chocolate fudge spread. It’s pure creamy, chocolate goodness in a jar! The essentially raw flavor came home with me – it is dark and intense, just as I love my chocolate. But the original coconut, which is a little more velvety with a distinct coconut flavor, was also really good. It comes from Austin, Texas, and is made in small batches by hand and I’m hoping it makes an appearance in NY stores soon! 

Best Tea: Chai Mookie

I love my Cocoa Mookie!

I love my Coco Mookie!

Okay, so this was the only tea being sold at the Seed Experience, but it deserves its own category because Chai Mookie tea is really, really good. I made a beeline for a cup of iced coco mookie as soon as I got to the venue! I love how spicy these blends are. And the coco mookie is really sublime.

Best vegan, glutenfree lunch item: Yeah Dawg Vegan Hot Dogs

Fully loaded!

Fully loaded!

What can I say about Yeah Dawg hot dogs that has not already been said? These gluten-free, vegan hot dogs are so flavorful on their own, but when loaded with pickles and other toppings, they are just over-the-top delicious! I had mine over the kale salad, because while the dogs are gluten-free, they don’t have gluten-free buns on offer at this time (they do offer corn tortillas though!). But I didn’t mind one bit, because the kale salad is oh-so-good and I think it actually made me appreciate the beauty of this hot dog even more! 

Other things that came home with me… 

And now, a few other things I loved that I couldn’t leave behind. 

Gluten-free bean pasta!

Gluten-free bean pasta!

I bought five packets of these Explore Asia bean pastas, but at 5 for $10 it was a pretty great deal. When I tasted the samples on offer, I knew I had to bring some home with me. Unlike other gluten-free pastas, the spaghetti and fettuccine strands don’t stick together and they have a lovely al dente bite.  Plus, they taste really really good. I’m also told that it’s hard to overcook them, which is another plus. Look out for some recipes featuring these in the next couple of months! 

I'm wearing this to the gym tomorrow!

I’m wearing this to the gym tomorrow!

I am totally inspired by the Plant Built Vegan Muscle Team! And even if I can’t be as strong as them, I at least want to try! I bought myself a plant built tank top to show my vegan pride while I’m doing strength training at the gym. 

Can't leave without it

Can’t leave without it

And I can never, ever leave Rescue Chocolate behind.  The Peanut Butter Pit Bull bar is one of my all-time favorite chocolates of any kind. And it supports a really good cause: all of the profits go to animal rescue organizations around the country. 

And last, but not least… 

The most entertaining event: Big Fat Vegan Radio

Fabulousness personified!

Fabulousness personified!

I loved every second of Honey LaBronx and Laura Yaz’s live performance of their podcast, Big Fat Vegan Radio! What could be more awesome than two big, comedic personalities lip-synching songs about veganism, sharing the latest and greatest vegan news, and answering any question thrown at them? Thanks to Honey LaBronx, I’ll never think of tofu in the same way again! They won a new fan in me today. 

And there was so much more… The Seed Experience was so much fun, I wish I was going back tomorrow! But alas, now I’ll be counting down the days until next year’s. 

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