Bangkok, Thailand Restaurant Review: Baan Suan Pai

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I had read about Baan Suan Pai on Happy Cow and had been hoping to get there during some of my previous trips to Bangkok.  On this trip, I made it a priority.  My mum, who was traveling with me, and I woke up early one morning and headed to Baan Suan Pai just as it was opening at a little after 7am to try some vegan yumminess. 

Baan Suan Pai is a small vegetarian food court at the end of a lane off Phayon Yothin Road, near the Ari BRT station.  In addition to a series of vegetarian stalls, there is also a health food store that sells a great variety of vegetarian and vegan goods, as well as soap, tea, coffee and vegan and vegetarian treats. 

Everything on offer looked amazing.  There was one booth selling soup, another noodle dishes, others a variety of Thai dishes, many of which I had not seen elsewhere.  We ended up deciding to get two platters from the last stall in the alley so we could try a variety of things.

This is food for Thais, not farangs, and so it has Thai levels of spiciness. That said, if you like spicy food you will love it! Across the board, the flavors were amazing: that complex mix of sweet, sour, salty & spicy, that is the hallmark of good Thai cuisine. None of the staff spoke English and our communication was limited to pointing and numbers, so I’m not exactly sure what we got. But, there was nothing that I tried that I didn’t like.

Plate one!


The first plate was loaded with a tofu laab, which was full of fresh mint and basil. It was not my favorite, but was still good. We also had some spicy broccoli in a ginger and garlic sauce; and another mixed vegetable dish that tasted of lime, ginger & turmeric and had mushrooms, long beans and some other vegetables I didn’t quite recognize. 

The eggplant was amazing

The eggplant was amazing

The weight loss second plate had the most tender and delicious spicy eggplant in garlic sauce that I have ever had; some delicious greens, which were completely new to me; and another tofu dish that was almost like a very hot and spicy tofu scramble with turmeric, soy sauce and lots of chilies.  Both were served over Thailand’s beautiful and extremely healthful red rice.

I also got a green juice to wash it down with (it tasted like spinach to me, but I can’t guarantee it).  

By the end of the meal my mouth was on fire (in a very good way), and I was deeply, deeply satisfied. Our two overflowing plates cost just 70 Baht in total.  In addition to food to eat there, the food stalls also offer plenty of food that is packaged to take away. My one regret is that I didn’t buy some!

Baan Suan Pai

Baan Suan Pai

After we ate, we stopped in at the health food shop and went a little wild. Most things were labeled in English and Thai, so checking the ingredients was not a problem. I bought some organic black sticky rice; red sticky rice; textured soy protein in different shapes and sizes; and a variety of dried fruits. If I had room in my suitcase, I probably would have bought more. 

AJ Healthy Mart

AJ Healthy Mart

 All in all, it was a great way to start the day. I highly recommend it! And next time I’m in Bangkok, I will definitely be going back.

Location: 17/1 Phahon Yothin Rd, Phaya Thai. Right next to the Esso service station you will see a little alley with a sign saying “Banana Family Park.”  Baan Suan Pai is at the very end of the alley; walk through the first courtyard to the left and keep going. You’ll soon come across the health food store and then the food stalls. 
Hours: 7am – around 3pm. Get there early for the freshest food. 

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