Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Restaurant Review: Enya’s Mediterranean Kitchen

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Enya’s Mediterranean Kitchen is among the most highly rated restaurants in Addis Ababa, according to TripAdvisor. Given that Mediterranean food is also vegan-friendly, I made it a priority on this trip to check it out.  As luck has it, the meeting I was attending was at a nearby hotel so one evening I dragged some friends and colleagues along with me for an evening of good food and conversation.

Great ambience!

Great ambience!

Enya’s is funky, warm and inviting. I loved the lampshades made from colanders and graters and the purple table runners, a great contrast to the green walls. From the moment we were settled at our table we were well attended by friendly wait staff. Good customer service is not in abundance in Addis, so it was refreshing to actually get some! The menu also clearly generic form of antabuse marks vegetarian and “vegetarian fasting dishes,” which are vegan. 



Within minutes they had served us a delicious tomato and eggplant sauce along with some pita bread to dip it in (so sad I had to pass on the latter). We also ordered some hummus, which was very good.


Stuffed tomatoes and eggplant

For a main course, I ordered the stuffed vegetables with roasted potatoes.  I received two plum tomatoes and a small eggplant overflowing with rice cooked with tomatoes, parsley and other seasonings.  It was fantastic and the serving size was just perfect. I enjoyed every bite.

Stuffed tomatoes and eggplant


We lingered, chatting until we were the last ones left. It was a truly lovely evening. 

Location: Bole TeleMedhanyalem, just off Namibia Street, behind Haimi Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Hours: 12pm – 11:30pm, daily 

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  1. I arrived here as a result of writing on google: Is Enya a vegetarian? I am delighted to find she owns a vegetarian restaurant! I would love to eat here, but I am not planning to travel to Ethiopia, at least anytime soon! I will surely need luck trying to find vegetarian friendly restaurants in Italy and Germany. I could say ya to boiled potatoes…sauerbraten? No thanks!

    • Hi Stephen, I’m sorry to disappoint, but this restaurant doesn’t belong to *the* Enya. Nor is it entirely vegetarian. I was just in Berlin and you’ll have plenty of luck finding vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Germany!

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